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Solution For Epilepsy

VNS Therapy

The Most Proven Device Solution for Epilepsy with over 1,000 clinical papers published across the globe.

VNS Therapy is delivered through a device that sends mild pulses to the vagus nerve at regular intervals throughout the day in an effort to stop seizures before they start.

An additional dose of therapy may stop or shorten your seizure, decrease its intensity and shorten your recovery time.

VNS therapy includes a short outpatient procedure which takes about an hour. Most people go home on the same day.

Benefits may include*:

  • Fewer seizures
  • Shorter seizures
  • Decreased seizure severity
  • Faster seizure recovery
  • Fewer medications
  • Improved alertness, mood, memory and more

*results may vary


Published on 26 Oct 2017

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