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The daVinci Triumph 2016

Transmedic organised “The daVinci Triumph 2016” dinner on 11 April 2016 to celebrate the achievements of surgeons who have become highly-skilled at using the daVinci robot.

Plaques were presented by the Asia Pacific Manager of Intuitive Surgical Inc., creators of the daVinci robot, to the respective doctors to recognise their professional accomplishments:

da Vinci Robotic Surgery – Cancer Symposium 2016

Transmedic Singapore’s daVinci team recently took part in the Inaugural Cancer Symposium at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 19 March 2016.

The focus of the symposium was to provide a better understanding of all cancer-related conditions to participants, and to introduce relevant options for treatment. This is one example of many community events that Transmedic proactively supports in order to promote public awareness on cancer and the options they have for treatment today.