Education & events / 02 Feb 2016

Advanced Medical Technology

In Asia, we have seen the emergence of informed, tech-savvy patients who use the Internet to research their options for medical treatment. This new group values their time, mobility and comfort, and wants ways to reduce downtime and avoid hospitalization if possible.

Transmedic understands their concerns and has endeavoured over the last 3.5 decades to become the top specialist in the advanced medical technologies arena in Asia. We believe that these technologies can genuinely impact the quality of healthcare and significantly improve patient recovery times.

A few examples of these systems are the daVinci Robotic Surgical System, Mako Robotic Surgical System and Tomotherapy Radiation system.

Transmedic is not just a distributor of these systems but also a healthcare partner. We aid hospitals in training doctors, technology promotion and patient education, and provide the support necessary to extract the most value out of the machines; in the process forming long-term links with the best healthcare practitioners in the industry.

Published on 02 Feb 2016

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