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Higher Precision And Accuracy With Robotic Surgery

Dr. Sita Ayu Arumi, SpOG – a robotic surgeon from Indonesia shared her experience about robotic technology, the most advanced minimally invasive surgery.

Robotic Assisted Surgery Is The Future Of Medicine

13th April 2016: Transmedic Indonesia collaborated with Bunda Hospital to run a da Vinci Surgical System test drive for 3 prominent urologists from the national teaching hospital, Cipto Mangunkusomo.

To date, the da Vinci Surgical System has been successfully employed worldwide in more than 1.5 million various surgical procedures, with excellent safety records. It provides numerous benefits over traditional open and laparoscopic surgeries. With the robotics system, surgeons can perform complex surgeries through just a few small incisions, reducing patient recovery times. Most importantly, the da Vinci System is designed to be fail-safe, which means in the event of power interruption or safety check failure, the System is designed to shut down safely, allowing the surgeon to remain in full control of the procedure.