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Infection-free surgeries with Stryker’s Flyte Personal Protection System: Makati Med

Surgical site infection is a real concern even in sterile hospital settings. Hand hygiene and donning surgical gowns and gloves are ways for surgeons to prevent the transfer of bacteria, but Makati Medical Center, one of the leading hospitals in the Philippines, goes the extra mile by suiting up its surgical team in the Flyte Personal Protection System, the first of its kind to be used in the Philippines.

Immucor: USE Training

In March 2016 we went to Stamford, Connecticut, USA for software and application training on the Immucor transplant products.

Immucor is a US based company which specializes in transfusion- and transplant-related diagnostic products, with branches in Europe and South America and a vast distributor network in Asia.

The focus of our training was the LIFECODES group of products. We spent a lot of time in the lab, running the actual assays and learning the analyser software. The other part of our training included performing results analysis using the LIFECODES proprietary software.