Education & events / 01 Aug 2016

Indonesian robotic week at RSIA Bunda-Jakarta

Transmedic Indonesia and RSIA Bunda-Jakarta recently organised the Indonesia Robotic Week from July 19 to July 22 2016. The focus this year was on Myoma Uteri (uterine fibroids) and Hysterectomy surgery.

Robotic Week was attended mainly by patients afflicted by gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis, adenomyosis and myoma. Our key speakers, Dr. Sita Ayu Arumi, SpOG and Dr. Arie A. Polim, D.MAS, SpOG (K), discussed various ways of tackling cysts and myoma.

In particular, they discussed the assumption that a hysterectomy to remove either part or all of the uterus would be the only available solution. Dr. Sita, obstetrics and gynecology specialist at RSIA Bunda-Jakarta, explained that it would depend on how far the myoma has progressed. If the patient discovers their myoma or cysts early on, the doctor is able to excise the tumor while leaving the uterus entirely intact.

The doctors unanimously agreed that at present, robotic surgery is the best available choice for these gynaecological conditions. Because of the advanced 3D vision technology, doctors are able to visualise the tumour much more clearly. Using the flexible EndoWrist® instruments they are then able to remove the growth with greater ease and precision. Robotic surgery is also minimally invasive, significantly reducing blood loss and damage to surrounding tissues. This results in much faster recovery times for patients.

Published on 01 Aug 2016

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