Education & events / 15 Jul 2016

Ng Teng Fong General Hospital Introduces Mako’s Rio Robotic Arm for Orthopaedic Surgeries

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Ng Teng Fong General Hospital introduces MAKO’s RIO Robotic Arm for Orthopedic Surgeries. The Left Medial Knee Arthroplasty procedure was done by Dr Alan Cheung on 21 June 2016.

Mako can be used for partial knee replacement (PKR), which is a procedure designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis (OA) in one or two compartments of the knee.

The MAKO technology provides surgeon with a patient-specific 3D model to pre-plan a partial knee replacement. During surgery, the surgeon will guide the Mako robotic-arm based on the patient-specific plan. This allows the surgeon to remove only the diseased bone with stability and precision, preserving healthy bone and soft tissue, while assisting the surgeon in positioning the implant based on the patient’s anatomy.


Published on 15 Jul 2016

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