Education & events / 13 May 2016

Celebrating the success of Robotic Surgery in CGH 2016

Transmedic and Changi General Hospital (CGH) recently celebrated the success of their Robotic Surgery program.

The da Vinci Xi system was commissioned in CGH in December 2014. February 2015 saw the commencement of the Robotic Surgery program by the Urology and the Colorectal departments. In the months following, other disciplines (HPB, General Surgery, ENT) came on board as well. The Urology and Colorectal departments had developed strong clinical plans, and thorough training was conducted for the whole OT team of surgeons, patients’ assistants, nurses and anaesthetists.

As of March 2016, CGH has performed more than 100 robotic surgery cases. In light of this milestone, Intuitive Surgical (manufacturer of the da Vinci surgical system) recognised CGH’s Robotic Surgery program as the “Fastest Growing in Southeast Asia”. The award was presented to CGH CEO Dr. Lee Chien Earn by Ms. Michelle Paknad,  Director Asia Pacific in Direct Markets from Intuitive Surgical.

Before this, Transmedic organised a roadshow for the da Vinci Xi system. The system was brought down from the OT to the hall outside the auditorium. Two types of simulations were conducted during the event using the dV simulator and MIMIC simulator.

The Transmedic team led the simulation exercises and answered queries from attendees regarding the benefits of robotic surgery. This event was well-attended, with a 300+ strong crowd comprising staff from CGH, helping to create better awareness of the Robotic Surgery program within the hospital.

Participants gained a better understanding of the value of robotic surgery for patients. Some of the benefits of robotic surgery that were highlighted are: shorter hospitalisation periods, fewer complications, reduced blood loss, less pain, smaller incisions with minimal scarring, and faster recovery/return to normal daily activities.


Published on 13 May 2016

Source: Kathleen Melu

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