Education & events / 22 Jul 2016

The 1st Cell Saver Elite In Manado

17 June 2016: The very first Cell Saver® Elite® machine in Manado, Indonesia has officially been installed at RSUP Kandou.

This advanced system is the new standard for autotransfusion. In surgeries where there is substantial blood loss, it allows the surgeon to store as much of the patient’s blood as possible. For example, patients who undergo heart surgery or sustain serious injuries often require transfusions.

By infusing the patient with his own blood instead of a compatible donor’s, the Cell Saver® Elite® system helps to greatly reduce the risks and side effects of conventional allogeneic blood transfusion. There are numerous immune reactions that can be triggered in the recipient; or diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV that can be passed on when blood is transferred from one person to another.

The machine can also filter out almost all the albumin, heparin, and free hemoglobin, and has proprietary SmartSuction® technology to ensure that the blood that is returned into the patient’s body is rich in red blood cells.


Published on 22 Jul 2016

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