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Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

Worldwide, we are experiencing a paradigm shift in healthcare gearing more towards Point-of-care testing (POCT) in critical areas. The definition of POCT is medical diagnostic testing that is performed bedside, or while a patient is in consultation with a doctor. It provides rapid and accurate information that aids clinicians in making timely diagnoses. This improves patient safety and clinical outcomes.

Thankfully, technological advances in recent years have made POCT devices more mobile and easier to use. Additionally the growing emphasis on connectivity means that they have also become smart devices -- information can flow seamlessly in real time from patient bedside (at the point of testing) to hospital information systems, and vice versa.

With the expansion in types, numbers and frequency of usage of devices in hospitals and clinics, there needs to be increasing collaboration between the different stakeholders (healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies and manufacturers, to name a few) to reap the full benefits of POCT.

In the Southeast Asian region, POCT is relatively new to healthcare. Recognising this, Transmedic organised a series of events with the help of our partners, to bring different stakeholders together and promote the exchange of information and ideas:


Immersion Workshop

On 31 August Thai perfusionists from Pramongkutklao hospital visited the National Heart Centre in Singapore to shadow and observe how our local team use the I-Stat arterial blood gas analyser and Centrimag blood pump in day to day operations. They were able to sit in on a live coronary artery bypass graft case, and picked up many lessons for home.

Perfusionists’ Appreciation Dinner

The 31st of August also saw the congregation of perfusionists from around Singapore at Royal Plaza on Scotts. Perfusionists have the critical role of ensuring that blood and oxygen continue to circulate throughout a patients’ body, through the use of heart-lung machines, during open-heart surgery. It was an opportunity for them to gather, network and exchange experiences and ideas, all while enjoying a good meal. Andrew Lahanas, the Director of Clinical Perfusion, Sydney Children’s Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital, was invited to speak on his experiences with cardiopulmonary bypass operations and POC testing.

This event was jointly organised by Abbott Point of Care and Transmedic Pte Ltd.  

Our Commitment

Transmedic is committed to bringing in new and suitable medical technologies that will help improve the standard of care in Southeast Asia. Education is very much part of our DNA, and we believe in investing in training and creating opportunities for information exchange for healthcare professionals, to ensure that hospitals can extract the most value from their machines for their patients. As a dedicated healthcare partner to our principals and hospitals, you may contact us any time at to discuss a programme that you think will help your colleagues.

Published on 15 Mar 2017

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