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Thyroid monitoring with CoTi®

CoTI® is a new device designed by AG Medical for improved follow-up of patients undergoing radionuclide therapy with iodine 131 for the thyroid.

  • CoTI (Collar Therapy Indicator) is a wearable device that continuously monitors the gamma radiation activity of a patient’s thyroid during Iodine-131 therapy. 
  • CoTI is a lightweight, portable device that is worn by the patient during internal radiation therapy and which provides real-time gamma activity for dosimetry calculations. The device has up to 4 gamma detectors that can be attached to the patient. Two of these small detector modules can be placed in CoTI’s collar, and the others may be strapped to another part of the body (e.g., near the bladder). 
  • CoTI constantly transmits gamma activity data to its Tablet, giving hospital staff real-time data that greatly increases the accuracy of patient dosimetry.

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Published on 27 Oct 2017

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